Words Unspoken

About This Project


Oh, how stupid are we,
how many invitations spurned,
how many words unspoken,
how many glances unreturned…
How many times life passes us by and we,
we never even notice.
How can we be so oblivious,
we live as if we’re never going to die and then die having never really lived”

This version of Words Unspoken was created in 2012 for 3 dancers and a pianist.
The inspiration for this choreography came from the mystery of the Piano Concerto No.9 of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, often called “JeuneHomme”.
According to a musicologist, this concert was composed for Madame Jenamy, daughter of famous french dancer and Maitre de Ballet Jean George Noverre who was a close friend of Mozart.
Madame Jenamy was a pianist and is said to have been blind.
What a great example of a sensitive soul and it is just through the soul that we can truly see others and perceive the painful regret of life passing us by and the many unspoken words.
It seems paradoxical that the one who is blind can show an escape or a way out from this closure toward other humans. He makes possible the meeting of two people in a society where even a simple glance is a precious rarity. Were we to open our eyes, happiness could be nearer than we think. It could even be close by.


To express this I made a dancer moving with his eyes closed all of the time; on stage he is in a strong light, while the other two that can see are in the darkness, to show that he is the one who can truly see.
I have to say that it was very interesting to see how his performances changed every night.



Martina Angioloni


W.A. Mozart


Martina Angioloni, Nathaniel Yelton, Rory Stead


Albypretty costumes


Martin Shalita, Marcel Rolf Hoffmann


Olga Bojkova


Ferzan Ozpetek, Dalai Lama