Martina specializes in teaching vocational students and preparing them for entering international academies or professional companies. Numerous young dancers prepared by her have won international competitions and prestigious scholarships which helped launch their careers.
Martina’s method of teaching is based on an English Style of classical ballet, with significant elements from French and Russian Methods, working within the tradition of the great Masters whilst embracing the new challenging standards required nowadays from professional dancers, and with particular emphasis on their musicality.
Martina is convinced that in order to build a new generation of dancers that can seamlessly integrate in most professional companies, dancers must be versatile as never before. Therefore she blends traditional classical training with principles from Pilates, Gyrokinesis, Yoga, Body Conditioning and the use of new technologies as a tool to enhance the student’s learning processes.
Her core aim is to build dancers whose eyes sparkle with the joy of dance. She is spreading awareness of the importance of the psychological and physical preparation of a dancer, focusing on teaching the whole dancer and not just the body, and at all times stimulating the development of the dancer as a thinking artist.

“I aim to help people realize their full potential”